Trevor Hurst – Econoline Crush – Kelowna

The off-season is much more tolerable when you can still share your passion for bikes with people you meet. Econoline Crush  played over the weekend and I caught up with fellow rider, Trevor Hurst.

Hurst is a singer, songwriter and music producer. Currently on tour with the latest album, Surefire, Hurst laughed when I told him we wouldn’t be able to ride, “I don’t know how many times we have toured Canada in November. You think we would do it in the warmer weather.”

“I think it is good to get out though for us riders because we all tend to get cabin fever unless you snowmobile,” said Hurst.

Hurst began riding growing up on a farm in Manitoba. “I rode 23 miles to and from school everyday on my motorbike,” recalls Hurst. “Motorcycles have been a big part of my life. Living on 2500 acres, the motorbike was the way to get from one place to the other to see your friends.”

Currently in the market for a new motorcycle, Hurst admits he is a vintage guy. “I am refurbishing a 1980 Honda CB400 – restoring it to its original state. I am currently in the market for an on/off, enduro bike. I love back roads and exploring. The Supermotaard thing kind of grabs my attention too.”

Arriving in Kelowna fighting off a cold, Hurst still made time for radio appearances and interviews.

Hurst is upbeat off the stage but when he steps on it, he becomes a showman. He engages his audience at every possible moment and acknowledges his fans throughout his performance. His high energy comes out in powerhouse vocals and you can’t help but enjoy his presence when he is in a constant state of appreciation and flashing his pearly whites. I expected his energy level in Kelowna would be somewhat subdued because of his cold but it was quite to the contrary. Hurst even acknowledged his cold not by complaining about being sick but rather by joking with his fans, “This cold medication has made me loopy!”

If you are unfamiliar with Econoline Crush, the current record is the perfect purchase. Being that it is a best of compilation, you will get all the best tunes from Hurst’s career. Sparkle and Shine – an all time fan favourite, Home, You Don’t Know What it’s Like, and All That You Are and never before heard radio mixes. Also included in this set are personal comments from each band member about the music, the songs, the careers. Visit and order your copy.