Tough day eliminates riders at ISDE

By Marissa Baecker

SAXONY, GERMANY – A difficult day of racing at the Red Bull Six Days has eliminated one member of the women’s Team Canada trophy team. Amber Giroux (above) from Grand Prairie, Alberta has ended her inaugural Six Days competition due to injury. The extent of her injuries is not known at this point but she will now cheer her teammates on from the side lines.

Three other ladies have also been eliminated from the race reducing the number of competitors to 17. Canada’s Victoria Hett (above) has moved up one place in the ranking to 10 while teammate Almeda Rive is rounding out the list at number 17. Both Hett and Rive are previous Six Days competitors.

Day 3 and 4 change the terrain and challenge the riders in new territory.

As for the men’s club team, Powell River, B.C.’s Brad Winchell is still in the race ranking at 83rd at the end of the Day 3 out of 92 riders left in the class. Alberta teammate Marek Dzikowski is sitting at 71st place while Quebec’s Patrick Tremblay is ranked 50 of of 58 riders in his class.

Edward Hubner of Germany remains in the top 20 of enduro class 1 riders.


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