Tim reaches the South, and the West and the beach . . .


Jul 27, 2013

So, hit the beach, had a smoke and a run for joy. I suddenly think it is time to head north. Ripped off on a motel, campgrounds full, they too are rip offs, will be so glad to get back to some sanity and will have to rethink some things about this mode of travel. It will work out, cuz I truly love doing it, so will make it work for me somehow. Just tough it out.

There has been no bad days, and more good ones to come, as I will take three maybe four, maybe five days to get home. I could do it in two long days from here, but that is stupid. Won’t do that, just going to change course.

Will get back to Idaho, one of my favorite places. Like it there.


Jul 23, 2013

Hard to believe, people were telling me..”you gotta go here, and ride this road.” Ok, well, will give it a go, is pretty much in the direction I want to go, and besides, lots of green stuff around it on the map I have. That would mean mountains and stuff..yeah, it is great…Cool I will go.

Highway 191, Arizona, over by the New Mexico border, god this thing would look awesome from the google thingo. Gonna have to look it up.

Bob, I think I found your road. Over a hundred miles of ten and twenty five mile an hour corners, no gaurdrails, just fresh real pavement..I would not have believed this road if I had not ridden it. It was so awesome even the mountain storms, wicked rain could dull the awesomeness..maybe that was all part of it.. But there is only just after eight or so at night and I am totally wiped out.

Guess best to not even talk about the wicked storm lastnight, truly biblical, in my thin tent, I was sure it was going to melt from the magnesium hot flashes, everything was right over the campground, and rain, my god it poured buckets. Wicked Wicked night. So a pretty tire some couple days though did not do much. the weather can just take so much out of ya. Supposedly tomorrow more of the same. Will try for Flagstaff, supposed to be wicked storms in the mountains, and guess what, right where I am..figures. I am so over this rain and cold and crap. It just has to break soon. Has to. Also some of the clouds this day that got me by, just could not stop stopping, pretty awesome.




Jul 20, 2013

Well New Mexico, finally, was actually very glad to get out of the land of barbed wire, wind, rain, and just not much of anything, One small part getting into west texas was awesome, but holycow, how can you have so many roads with no corners, why would anyone own a bike here, crazy, well in Texas that is. New Mexico, though it has much of the same sort of landscape, it just seems more civilized somehow. Not sure how long will be here, was going to go to Sante Fe, but been there several times and might just boot it out of the south end here, could be in Arizona real quick from here and maybe run up to the Grand Canyon, never been there, should reel that one off the list. Ann went a few years ago, will not get to walk it like she did, but would be nice to see it.

So, the first thing I hit is these guys in Silver City, not sure why it is silver city as it seems the big deal here is copper. Go figure. Anyway, Hank, thanks for taking my photo infront of the Buffalo, awesome man. Hank I met at the saloon, looking for a cold beer, I was, he found it already. We started talking, and became quick friends.. was a blast. A few other characters as well, Johnnie, think in his mind he is a vaquerro, sure spelt that wrong, anyway Johnnie got peace in his eye, not sure why. Mexican maybe, says he went to get his teeth fixed, two months later they fell out. Poor bugger. Hank, he was a living twin of Dennis Hopper, He said he would take that. An old, well, old, he is only a few short years older than me, but he was a radio dude back in the seventies when things were good, He had a grand time, Good guy ol’Hank..a couple horses now, and living his life. Good on ya ol’boy.

Joe, skater dude, a direct decendant of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy crew, his great granddaddy was Devil aints Hatfield, says the aints is pernounced that way but his name was Anderson, middle name. Seemed to have it all nailed. His girl Tory, she was there, but sorry Tory, I liked this shot better, Joe looks coooool…


This is why I travel and the first time this trip it happened, been awhile is sure. These were cool guys, on their own turf, they took me in, guess cuz they knew I was not staying.

This was supposed to be a day off, but rode up into the hills to see some dwellings, did not make it there, pissin’ rain, turned back. Oh well, just places in caves in the side of a cliff, whatever. Good ride though.


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