Team Canada “Ready to go!”

By Marissa Baecker
SAXONY, Germany – The Canadian women’s trophy team takes the stage at the 2012 ISDE opening ceremonies at the Sachsenring in Germany Saturday, September 22.

Getting ready for Monday’s start, the ladies will depart the gate together at 9:03 and make their way through the villages and woods of the former East Germany.

Kicking off the event was an incredible Red Bull stunt show. Motorcycle stunt rider, Chris Pfieffer has got to be the best stunt rider I have ever seen. His show is solo and the talent and skill he displays are refined and errorless.


Just when you thought the show was over, Red Bull Air Race pilot, Matthias Dolderer, flew past and thrilled the international bandstand with an amazing display of aerobatics.

20120922-220022.jpgThis guy flew straight up in the sky, and just when you thought he couldn’t go any further, he did, then dropped into a spin and came straight back down.


20120922-221026.jpgLooking forward to Monday’s start where riders will cover about 260km of changing terrain. The competition total is about 1400 km. Catching up with the team manager Mike Kelly, the biggest challenge the team faces is funding and it shows. Other teams in the paddock come with over 30 athletes, additional support personnel, major sponsorship and a lot of personal support. Team Canada has funded their efforts on their own and plan to keep representing Canada for at least 5 years. You can help support Team Canada by making a donation to these athletes at Go Fund Me


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