KTM Ride Orange Moto Tour hitting the road

KTM Ride Orange Moto Tour hitting the road

Of all the demo days I have attended, KTM seemingly appears to be the only manufacturer that offers an off-road demo tour. KTM Canada announced today the dates and locations of their annual Ride Orange Moto Tour. I attended last year’s event at Bear Creek in...

Track v Trail Riding

KTM came through town with a truck of their off-road bikes. MotoX, Trail and a combination of both. This was the perfect opportunity to catch up with riders of all styles and find out what they like and why. Click play to watch the video that aired on Shaw TV.

Weighing in on electric dirt bikes

The war between dirt bikers and the NIMBY’s could be coming to an amicable solution without either side having to give in. KTM, on the heels of Zero, is the second dirt bike manufacturer to unveil a 2010 line of electric motorcycles that will see the riders...