Snap-On Tools Masters of Metal brings Orange County Chopper to Kelowna
The Snap-On Tools chopper built by Orange County Choppers has 53 Snap-On tools incorporated into the design. You can see for yourself at the upcoming Masters of Metal tour.

The Snap-On Tools chopper built by Orange County Choppers has 53 Snap-On tools incorporated into the design. You can see for yourself at the upcoming Masters of Metal tour.

By Marissa Baecker

Tools are to a mechanic like candy is to a child. The child has Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to show them how candy is made and the mechanic . . . has Snap-On Tools Masters of Metal.

What is Masters of Metal? This is an international tour of Snap-On Tools with usually limited Canadian city stops but eight local Snap-On franchise owners got together and have detoured the Masters of Metal trucks into Kelowna for one day. But why?

“We wanted to honour our clients and show our community that the quality of the mechanic’s craft is enhanced by good tools,” says local franchisee Bill Smythe.

This interactive public display will blow the doors open of two 18 wheelers plus dealer trucks and invites the imagination of tool lovers in to take part in a hands-on experience and showcase of the newest innovative products.


This educational experience will answer any questions about tools you ever had. You can learn how tools are designed and manufactured as well as get a close up look at the latest technology designed to improve productivity and efficiency in any commercial or private garage. There will even be an opportunity to try some out for yourself.


“From the smallest bit socket to the biggest roll cab . . .That’s why we created the Snap-On Masters of Metal Tour. It’s a fun, steel-bending experience . . .a way for us to honor professional technicians, the true ‘masters of their trade,’” said Yvette Morrison, vice president of marketing for Snap-On Tools Group.


In addition to the educational component, Snap-On will also have on display Cruz Pedregon’s 8000 HP NHRA Funny Car and the OCC custom built chopper whose design and build originally aired on Discovery Channel’s American Chopper in December 2003.

The Snap-On Tools chopper actually incorporates 53 of the company’s tools in the design including hand tools, power tools and even a mini-tool box. This is a unique one-of-a-kind creation.

The bike is Snap-On red and matches the company’s signature toolboxes exactly. The chopper is powered by a 131, 136HP motor that has the company logo milled into the body and accented by a wrench mounted on diamond cut fins. In place of an oil pan is a mini toolbox. Gun drilled hex stock handlebars are fixed to the frame with two wrenches. This is a piece of art worth seeing.


If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, maybe a tour of the Rock n’Roll Cab Express that houses some custom tool storage units not found in any retail outlet and not normally available to the public eye.

The Rock n'Roll Cab Express from Snap-On Tools

The Rock n’Roll Cab Express from Snap-On Tools

This international display will also have a local flavor or two as well. Konquer Motorcycles, Custom Rides & Rods (formerly Kreater Motorcycles) will showcase a few custom motorcycles as well as a 55 Chevy hot rod (weather permitting). Local food vending trucks will be on hand to satisfy your appetite as well.

Masters of Metal is being held in Kelowna at Orchard Park Mall, Thursday, September 18 from 3 to 8:30 p.m. and is an open public event.


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