Riding on bikes with Dogs – What’s your opinion?

I had a boyfriend once who told me, “Your a dog person and I’m a cat person”. We broke up.

However, even though in my life now I have both a cat and a dog, the old boyfriend was right. I am definitely more of a dog person. What finally caused my epiphany? First it was the bumper sticker, “Only a rider knows why a dog hangs its head out the car window.” I know.

Next it was someone who asked me why I enjoy riding so much and without so much of a thought, I told them “I like the wind in my face.” Then finally it was a couple riding their motorcycles with their dogs. The dogs, by the way, were not small. They were not lap dogs, nor were they mid sized dogs. These were full size, pick-up truck type dogs wearing leather, goggles, sitting on the passenger seat of the bike with their head over the rider’s shoulders and loving every minute of it.

This is not the first time I have seen dogs with their owners. A woman I know, Candida, rides her Harley Street Glide and pulls a matching trailer without the lid where her black lab Dyna is harnessed – also wearing ‘doggles’ – and goes everywhere.

What I want to know – do YOU ride with your dog? Why or Why not? What do you think about riding with dogs?


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