Quebec reader wants to move up with new bike

Meet Nathalie from Quebec. One of MotorcyGal’s readers and an avid rider looking for a new bike.

Natalie writes:

I’m  searching for a bike to buy for next summer, I ride now the 650 Versys 2008 wich I like very much. the type of riding that I do is 75% road and 25% dirt. Why the change of bike ? I want more power under the saddle, Mine you I love the 650 but I think I grew out of it. So I was looking at the big brother the 1000 and was wondering if it would be a good bike for me, I saw them at the dealer and just by the look of it I was impress by the size, and I’M not a little girl either 5’9 with an inseam of 33 inches. But still It look’s to me that this bike is big.
My question is……. * do you think this could be a good bike for me ? is it to high ? And do you have comparable bikes to suggest ?
Thank-you very much for your time 
Merci beaucoup

I have not ridden the Versys 650 so I don’t know how it handles. I have ridden the KLR650 but this is more 75% dirt and 25% road and sounds like a dirt bike.

The Versys 1000 has a 33.3″seat height but it didn’t feel that high when riding it. The configuration of the bike seems to tilt the rider forward with that extra reach for the bars. Maybe that is why it didn’t seem tall. Most adventure style rides have you sitting straight up.

If you are looking for an adventure style ride, the Versys would not be my first choice. I would probably choose another bike. I didn’t feel very balanced or comfortable on the Versys – but that isn’t to say that you may quite like it. No bike is made for every type of rider.

I have felt most comfortable on the twin engine bikes – Triumph Tiger 800 or the BMW 800GS are two of my favourite mid-range bikes. The Suzuki 650 V-strom is also a remarkable bike for the price and Suzuki also offers a 1000 V-strom but I can’t comment on that as I have not yet ridden it.

The Versys has an inline 4 cylinder engine which is uncommon for this style of a ride. If it were my money I was spending, I would take a closer look at the Triumph. I recently rode the Triumph Explorer 1200 adventure bike and loved it but it is a big ride and the 800XC would be sufficient.

The trouble is, finding a used adventure bike is not easy and the popularity of the Triumph and BMW makes it even harder.

Might I suggest a trip to the bike show this Fall?


Feel free to add your comments and suggestions for Nathalie.


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