Environmentally concerned should advocate for awareness signs

¬†Closet environmentalists put their finger on their verbal trigger when ATV’s are about. A recent photography I published showed a rider going through water. Everyone was quick to jump to conclusions that it was a creeek, the rider was destroying a creek bed etc.

What they didn’t see was that after 5 days straight of rain, logging roads have some pretty big puddles. During this demo, I found the biggest puddle at a fork of two logging roads where the photo was taken – not in a creek or river.

One reader threatened to report me to the Ministry of the Environment and called me an idiot etc and made some other prolific comments. Well, I saw this as an opportunity to educate and wrote the Ministry myself asking for them to respond on record about the issue of ATV’s and creeks, water crossing etc. Even after two follow up attempts to MoE no response was ever received.

So, driving across Nevada recently I saw this sign and thought with all the bitching people do about billboards, they must be reading them. Perhaps the environmentalists should put their vocal, hide behind their computer, talents to better use and advocate for signs like these. Makes sense to me.



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