Multi-Media Guides Augment Motorcycle Rider Education

bearJune 20, 2013, Mono, ON – The release of two multi-media guides is a boon for new motorcycle riders and those contemplating solo travel.  The New Rider Guide and Get Ready for Solo Motorcycle Travel, available in MP4 video and downloadable MP3 audio format, offer a convenient, comprehensive and credible solution for riders sifting through a haystack of information.

Developed by Liz Jansen, seasoned solo traveler and Canada Safety Council motorcycle instructor, each guide consists of four independent modules with video instruction, worksheets, checklists and links to relevant online resources.

Learning to ride a motorcycle is a significant accomplishment, and that’s just the beginning,” says Jansen. “Once you start researching, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Knowing what to look for, where to find it and who to listen to not only affects your safety, it’s is key to growing your skills, confidence and enjoyment of the sport.”

Appealing to new or potential riders, The New Rider Guide moves from assessing one’s readiness to ride, to tips on selecting a training course, what to look for in gear, selecting a first motorcycle and finding a mechanic.

Designed for the more experienced rider, Get Ready for Solo Motorcycle Travel addresses skill requirements for solo travel, how to preparing physically and emotionally, how to make sure your motorcycle is appropriate and set up for you, and what to expect when you’re out on the road.

Starting with a solid framework either as a new rider or a solo traveler is essential for motorcycle rider safety and enjoyment,” says Jansen. “These guides prepare you with fundamental knowledge, help build confidence and prepare you for that next step.


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