Motorcycle Rider’s comprehensive app just got an upgrade and it’s free this weekend


I have been testing out this app for a few months and recommend each and every rider to download it and give it a try.

Practically every rider tool you could want, need or use is contained in one place. GPS trackin, maps, social network, photo sharing. . . you name it.

Of particular interest to solo riders is the ability to check in and email a notice of your last location to a list of contacts that you choose. If you don’t show up where you were scheduled, they know where you were last.

There is a separate pay feature called CrashLight that will detect if a rider goes down and notify emergency contacts to get in touch.

Join the social network of other riders and if you go to a new area, find local rides that have been mapped by the riders in that area. You can even look up local riders and connect with them for a ride.

Eat Sleep Ride is a Canadian owned start up company and worth checking out.


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