Kyle Keast at No. 1 after Rounds 1 & 2 Arenacross

Kyle Keast sits at #1 in Pro-Am Lights and Pro-Am Open categories after rounds 1 & 2 of Arenacross held in Penticton at the South Okanagan Event Centre.

We caught up to Keast during warm-up for a couple of quick question:

Question:  Indoors or outdoors?
Answer:  I’m more of an outdoor guy but I’ve been starting to get into the indoor stuff more lately.

Question:  I hear indoors is more technical and you’re not going as fast.  Is that how you have to wrap your head around this?
Answer:  Ya, it’s a short race, only 15 laps and starts are everything.  You get a good start, stay up and stay consistent.

Apparently his strategy worked!

Catch rounds 3 & 4 in Chilliwack at the Heritage Park January 20 and 21, 2011.


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