Red Bull Six Days kicks off tomorrow


By Marissa Baecker
NURNBURG, Germany – Currently on the road in Germany heading to Dresden and the Sachsenring for the International Six Days Enduro competition.

Canada should be proud that we have two teams representing our country at this international event. The ladies, B.C.’s Victoria Hett (a 2010 Mexico competitor), Alberta’s Amber Giroux and Almeda Rive (a 2010 Mexico competitor); The men – Quebec’s Patrick Tremblay, B.C.’s Brad Winchell, and Alberta’s Mark Dzikowski.

While the girls have become acquainted, the men only met face to face upon their arrival in Germany.

Tomorrow, Saxony hosts the opening ceremonies and other festivities. Hopefully Teams Canada have some time to sit down and chat before the event begins.

Stay tuned as MotorcyGal follows their pursuits in person in Germany.


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