Travel tales and self discovery in Rest Your Head on the Wind

Susan Raby-Dunne is a modern day explorer. Whether it be geography from her motorcycle, history from the places she travels to, who she is with the feelings and experiences she encounters or uncharted territory that has yet to be seen, Raby-Dunne is ready to take on the world each Spring.

Rest Your Head on the Wind is a collection of personal encounters from these discoveries from two wheels and it began when women were not common place on motorcycles. Susan is a self proclaimed solo rider who began life in a ‘man’s world’ so to speak. She embarked on adventures that most women would not have considered in that time.  Her chosen career path was also not commonly occupied by women but the adversity is what fueled Susan in an era of social change. Now at age 56, a confident, out spoken, artistic and strong woman on two wheels fits right in. You could say the world adapted to Susan as she paved a way for the women that followed.

The book is an interesting account of  life behind bars but leaves the reader with a few unanswered questions about relationships and careers that were either considered unimportant or none of the reader’s business.

The spiritual work that has drawn Susan in is that of healing. Veterans and soldiers, past and present, have been forgotten or have experienced ‘out of sight out of mind’ syndrome – until Susan found a way to make it right.

You can pick up a copy of the book for $25 by visiting Susan Raby-Dunne’s webiste


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