From Biker Chick to Biker Chic!

Professional stylist, Sam Shakura, is an avid rider but just because us ladies love our bikes doesn’t mean we can’t go from biker chicks to biker chic!

Shakura created her own luxury fashion label, Seven Sins, designed for “the edgy and passionate girl on the run” or in our case, on a bike.

Who says you can’t have style when you ride?

From a unique jewellry collection, to blinged out iPhone covers, to a luxury clothing line with one of a kind pieces right through to home decor, Seven Sins is a style to suit many tastes.

Acquiring Seven Sins pieces is as unique as the brand itself. An exclusive shopping experience with Shakura and business partner, interior design celebrity, Cheryl Gillespie is by appointment only providing each client with a personal, detailed visit. Contact and keep checking as their new website will be launching soon. You can also connect with them on facebook by clicking

Here is a sneak peak into Seven Sins style.



  1. Meg

    I’d love to see posts involving women’s wear for motorcycles. I keep looking for a new leather jacket and boots, but when I search for “womens motorcycle jacket/boots,” I come up with fashion stuff, not actual riders wear.

    My favorite are the little shorty jackets…how on earth do you think I can reach my handlebars without my whole rear end hanging out from under the jacket? Ugh.

    • motorcygal

      I hear you about the motorcycle wear. I have been speaking with a few companies that manufacture clothing and am hoping to have some clothing reviews coming soon.

      I just spent three weeks in Europe where there is an abundance of ladies motorcycle wear – Rev It, a company from Holland is beginning to make waves in the ladies world. I will be reviewing one of their all weather riding suits shortly.

      What style ride do you have? Perhaps I can suggest something more specific?


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