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Not long ago, Freddie Spencer aka Fast Freddie was a rising star on the world stage of motorcycle racing. Now, Marc Marquez is following suit and the two met face to face at the Alpinestars/Maxxess Megastore this past weekend in Bordeaux, France.

Freddie Spencer’s (pictured left) career spanned 13 years, earning him 27 wins, 39 podium finishes and included AMA Superbike as well as European Grand Prix riding Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and wrapping his career on Ducati.

Spencer was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame (1999), Motorsports Hall of Fame in America (2001), titled FIM Grand Prix Legend (2001) and the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame (2009).

Marc Marquez, pictured right, was just arriving into the world as Spencer was wrapping up his career. Now at the ripe age of 20, he too is making history being the youngest ever MotoGP pole sitter and winner at the 2013 Grand Prix of the Americas in Texas.

Currently part of Repsol Honda, Marquez is having a great year so far with four podium finishes in addition to his Texas title.

This past weekend was the first time the two riders had an opportunity to swap experiences since Maquez took over from Spencer as the youngest ever premier class winner. It was a record that Fast Freddie had held for 31 years and both were said to have been excited:  “It’s great,” said Spencer. “Hopefully, Marc may hold the record as long as I did – 31 years. For Marc to come along now and to perform like he has is great. Great to see, great for the sport!”

(I would say life has been ‘Great’ for Spencer – he said that 4 times!)

“I saw many videos and from what people explained to me, Freddie was always more or less like me,” said Marc Marquez, “always pushing, never was enough. When you see he competed in two World Championships on a Sunday .. now this I cannot imagine.”



Love the accents – both the U.S. and the Spanish!


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