Crash Karma has turned it up and tuned it in

Canadian rock icons, Crash Karma, share my passion for two wheels. Our paths crossed again this past weekend in Vancouver where the band played a show at The Red Room (one of my favourite haunts years back).

Since passing through Kelowna in April, the band has toured Canada non-stop and really gelled together as a group live.

As the band began their debut on the music scene, it seemed that they wanted to shy away from their previous successes on stage and focus on their new musical collaboration.

Taking the stage in Vancouver, the previous inhibitions were out the window. Having gotten comfortable in Crash Karma skin, songs from all their careers were on the set list – Superman’s Dead, recorded originally by Our Lady Peace (Mike Turner’s former band); One More Astronaut from Edwin’s previous career with I Mother Earth, and Alive from Edwin’s solo career and a surprise Temptation from The Tea Party catalogue (Jeff Burrow’s band).

Edwin’s vocals were refined, powerful and carrying an inner edge and a hint of anger that could be attributed to the recent loss of his father (the band has announced a re-scheduling of the last three dates on the tour to allow Edwin to return home).

Drummer, Jeff Burrows, is truly amazing to watch play. Prior to the start of the tour, Burrows reminisced with us by phone about riding in Australia with then Tea Party bandmate, Stuart Chatwood.

Much to my surprise and delight, Chatwood joined Crash Karma on stage for the Tea Party’s Temptation – an incredible song with amazing percussion. When Chatwood took the stage the audience buzzed about the possibility of a Tea Party number and speculated which one it might be. When Burrows began pounding the drums the fans roared back with approval.

I honestly didn’t know if Edwin could pull it off with his vocal style but he rocked it and displayed a wider vocal range than I thought he had in him.

After the encore, the band mingled with the audience, signed memorabilia and relaxed in the company of friends, family and fans.