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Tim, photographer and bionic rider, has once again split and hit the road for who knows where. There isn’t anyone I know that logs more miles than he does and it is quite possible that I will catch up with him next week in California if his travels bring him to the GP. In the meantime, check out some of Tim’s travels as he clicks his odometer on his 800GS.

FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2103

by Tim Swanky

Well suppose it’s Friday, I mean I had fish and chips for dinner and the computer clock says so. I was going to title this Wussed out again partly because I am in a damned motel again. I could actually get to like this.


Biblical Storm – by Tim Swanky

There appeared to be a biblical storm moving in, and it was coming from the direction I had to go. Just about quitting time. Hate that. I am in Rifle, Colorado. Sort of a shit place actually. Guess nobody from there is going to read this and track me down. I came here cuz I liked the name of the place. Good enough reason. Heading south, working towards Texas. Something romantic about that. Not sure why.

So, the pics. Yeah, well, an assortment on the day. Wet road that is sure. Christ it rained and rained. Actually had to plug in. That did not help my sense of humor regarding finding a place to sleep that is sure. Just find it odd that there is not more organized camping spots. All the school yards empty. But guess it is looked upon as that all state land is open to camp on for free. That is fine for the locals. But whatever. Got to Rifle and needed a place to stay.

Blue Star - by Tim Swanky

Blue Star – by Tim Swanky

The shot of the plaque with the bullet holes in it. Thought it must be some subversive terrorist plot to weaken the resolve of the American people. I mean surely an American would not shoot holes in a plaque raised to their hero’s..nah, has to be a weird plot. Sure of it.

Oh, yeah, went through a town called Dinosaur, with none of them in it. Wicked. Strange little place at a junction in the highway. Turn to go to Rifle or go into Dinosaur and see one..Nope, nothing there.


Bumper Crop by Tim Swanky

Dinosaur - by Tim Swanky

Dinosaur – by Tim Swanky

Thought the two signs of the states were funny. Utah, big shot of a dinosaur, and the first place you get to at least from this sign is Dinosaur and there is none. Yet the Colorado sign welcomes you to the state of color, there is no real color in sight of this sign. Just thought it strange at the moment is all.

Color - by Tim Swanky

Color – by Tim Swanky

That is how the long rider’s brain works. We make shit up. Oh, yeah, like the other day when I was ruminating about the perfect name for a pub..yeah, the Barking Raven, but then it occurred to me that someone had the Barking Parrot, might even be in Penticton. Oh well, worked at the time.


So, the motel tonight is the Winchester, actually a great place for fifty bucks. but that is a few tanks of gas. However it is costing twenty eight bucks to pitch a tent, so whatever, and that is not the most. So, what is that, twenty two bucks actually, and all the hot water I need for no coins. Whatever.

So, the brain drivel just keeps on running like a bad head cold.

Black Dog

Oh forgot to include the Black Dog card in last post..these guys are awesome.

Some of the shots are just cuz I liked them, the road one. Was pouring and wet pavement. Ahhh well, had to be ridden and of course it was road I had ridden before.

I head out on a road, ‘never heard of this one’. Get half way through and start recognizing stuff. Crazy, I have done a ton of miles.

Crap – by Tim Swanky

A crap breakfast place in Green River, waited forever for scrambled eggs…That were not that great. Downside of not doing your own.

Oh, did I mention before how much I, the clouds and skies in this country, at times it feels like you can reach out and touch them, makes me smile and even yell a “yahooooooooo”, or even a kiyayyippeeyiaye…yup, pretty fantastic stuff. Could stop a lot more to shoot the skies, but figure what for. I am the only one that gets off on this stuff..

. . . Stay Tuned


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