Channel your inner Emma Peel with Stella Vika from Alpine Stars
The Stella Vika line of leather clothing from Alpine Stars is designed to show off the femininity of ladies on bikes.

The Stella Vika line of leather clothing from Alpine Stars is designed to show off the femininity of ladies on bikes.

Riding motorcycles is not always the most glamorous hobby for the ladies. Trying to find layered clothing that addresses not only shifting temperatures but also has protective padding, is a challenge, at best. Most of the time you end up looking about 30 pounds heavier and, add your helmet, you look about as feminine as the Incredible Hulk. That is, until now.

This week, I discovered Alpine Stars Stella Vika line of ladies protective motorcycle wear. Finally, a motorcycle worthy line of leather, designed to show off a woman’s curves. Let’s face it, the woman’s body is constantly changing so when we actually reach the curvy part of our life, we should show it off (beats going to the gym).

The genuine butter smooth leather makes up 90 per cent of the jacket. Leather protection across the shoulders, down the arms, as well as front and back cleverly paneled with heavy duty stretch polyester making up the remaining 10 per cent  and just where the ladies need that extra bit of room and movement.

When I first picked up the jacket, the softness of the leather fondled my fingertips and the pliability of the jacket made me wonder whether or not it would be strong enough to battle the elements that only Mother Nature can conjure up.

As my arm slid into the sleeves, my dream bubble was burst as I thought the jacket didn’t fit. The squeeze around the body makes you feel as though you are suiting yourself with custom fit armour. Add the protective shoulder and elbow pads and there isn’t room for anything, not even air, between your skin and the satin lining. I fully expected that when I turned to look in the mirror, that I would be bursting out the top and bottom but was shocked that all of a sudden, I too had curves. Even the shoulder and elbow pads didn’t make me look like Hercules from the outside and from the inside, I felt protected.

The last time I squeezed my body into such a second skin I was accessorized with flippers, a tank and a mask and falling over backwards into the Pacific.

This jacket produced the same feeling except instead of feeling clumsy in neoprene, you feel sexy in leather. There will be no mistaking your feminine side on a motorcycle in this line. If the fit is too snug for your taste, remove the thermal vest, put it back on and wear it around the house a while. It is a unique feel.

The Stella Vika line offers matching gloves and fits like a second skin making the rider feel free.

The Stella Vika line offers matching gloves and fits like a second skin making the rider feel free.

As sexy as this jacket is, and as much as I wanted to show it off, I was concerned that my riding ability may be compromised with a lack of movement but was pleasantly surprised that while riding, I not only felt protected from the elements but also had the freedom of movement as though I wasn’t wearing a jacket at all.

Of course, the Stella Vika line offers matching gloves in the same smooth snug leather. These will take a few trips to work them in to your grip as they are as snug as the jacket but just pliable. If you dare, you can add a great pair of matching riding pants and channel your inner Emma Peel, but I can’t rant over those yet as I am still garnering up the confidence to indulge myself with a pair.

The pants zip to the bottom inside of the jacket making a two-piece riding suit. Although the suit is intended for riding, don’t mistake this wear to substitute for track leathers. This suit is Alpine Stars way of acknowledging the every day commuter rider’s need for stylish protective gear and not intended for high speeds. Track leathers are thick, stiff and rough in comparison to the smooth sleek Vika line.

You can purchase your suit online in solid black or, for the fashionista riding that Vespa or Café racer, metallic gold. Saving the best for last, the protective ghost armour inside the jacket is removeable. That means, you can wear this jacket everywhere, not just on your bike. Visit and check out their entire product line.



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