Beaule so close to the prize at Dakar

St. Bruno, QC, January 16, 2013 – Aldo Racing/KTM Canada rider Patrick Beaulé continues to move toward his ambitious goal of completing the 2013 Dakar Rally. The Quebec born rider completed the 11th stage in 63rd place, moving up one position for 62nd in the overall standings.

“Today was Fiambala — a notoriously difficult stage” explained Patrick.  “I was able to capitalize on a number of navigational challenges to start the day strong, and to continue the good placements we’ve had despite a difficult course today.  I can’t thank my mechanic JF [Charlot] enough;the Aldo Racing/KTM Canada 450 Rallye Replica is running flawlessly”, added Beaulé.

There are only 3 stages remaining in the event which ends on Saturday, plus an epilogue stage to the finisher’s podium in Santiago Chile on Sunday.
St. Bruno, QC, January 15, 2013 – “We’re another day closer to the finish, and we are still here, running consistently toward our goal of finishing”.  That’s how Canadian Patrick Beaulé summarized his thoughts following Stage 10 of the legendary Dakar Rally.

The accomplishment is no understatement, considering 49 of the 196 motorcycles that started the event are now withdrawn, with almost yet another third of the event still to come, including the notoriously difficult Fiambala in stage 11 tomorrow.

The Quebec-born rider completed the day’s stage in 74th place, consistently maintaining the 63rd position in the overall standings after 10 of 14 stages.


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