Barcelona police department goes electric x30

BMW C electric scooters

Police departments around the globe are beginning to introduce electric motorcycles to their fleets. California has the Zero and across the pond in Spain, Barcelona just added 30 BMW C Series electric maxi-scooters to their force. The proud force stands outside Barcelona City Hall in this photo to show citizens that the department is making a move to zero emissions while maintaining efficiency.

The BMW C evolution offers output of 11KW and a maximum output of 35 KW.

“The delivery of this fleet is a special achievement for the BMW Group for two main reasons: it is the first fleet of electric maxi scooters worldwide to be supplied and secondly the recipient is the city of Barcelona – a role model in Europe when it comes to two-wheel mobility. At the BMW Group we believe strongly that the future of urban mobility will be shaped in the next few years by cities with minimum emissions,” said Guenther Seemann, President of BMW Group Spain.

Well, if you have to ride a scooter at least its a Beemer!


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