Tire pressure gauge for motorcycles

On a recent trip to the U.S., avid rider Bob Smith stumbled across a gadget that he says could save rider’s lives, tires and accidents.

Doran 360M – Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycles is only available in the U.S. However, Smith, picked up several during his trip because he believes all bikes should have one.

The device comes with sensors that can be installed inside or outside of the tire rim and then a display monitor is installed on the handlebars. The monitor accurately keeps real time readings of tire pressure. Perfect for long trips when the last thing you want is to blow a tire in the middle of nowhere.

With proper tire pressure, you can increase the life span of your bike tires by 40% says Doran 360M. They are easy to install and if you would like to purchase one they are being carried in various dealerships.