Travelling with helmet hair – a quick change up

So, the essential travel hair bag should contain all products seen in the photo. Mini hair brush, hair spray for those loose ends and Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair – a spray in baby power type of mixture to soak up the natural oils of helmet head.

Step 1 - Remove helmet and spray hair with Fresh Hair to soak up helmet head oils

Step 2 - Use nifty towel that came with your Fresh Hair and towel dry your hair as though you just got out of the shower

Step 3 - back comb hair on top of head and flop it forward as you tie the remainder of the hair in a pony tail.

Step 4 - bring back-combed hair back and pin it just above pony tail, then use your tiny bottle of hair spray and go to town!

Step 5 - braid any hair hanging down to further the style

Step 6 – wrap braid around top of pony tail, put on party shoes and head out!



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