Alpinestars Stella Sniper Air Flo offers purpose and style

2008_alpinestars_womens_stella_sniper_air-flo_jacket_black_camo_633517343620132137 Unprotected riders usually blame hot weather or the cost of good gear as the reason they ride unprotected. No more excuses!

Alpinestars was ahead of its time when, in 2008, it designed the military inspired Stella Sniper Air Flo jacket for the urban sport riding woman. What was the hottest craze, fashion wise, in 2014? Camo!

I have always been partial to the military look and I am definitely a fan of Alpinestars wear – especially after I went down wearing it and medical professionals credited my AS gear for my minimal injuries. The jacket is two-toned in either black or white with snow camouflage mesh that allows the air to move through.

The jacket is made of non-water absorbing and abrasion resistant denier polyester mesh for the ultimate ventilation and maximum protection.

This is the perfect hot weather jacket. It is fully armoured with back padding, shoulder and elbow protection. There are chest pad compartments where AS Bionic chest guard accessory protection can be added.  Stella is designed for the ladies shape with adjustable velcro waist straps to cinch in the sides and hug those hips or loosen completely and ride free. The arms have snaps to tighten the jacket around the arms as well. The jacket does not have a waist zipper so attaching pants is not an option.

The edges are neoprene covered so there won’t be any itching at the wrists or neck. The sizes, when the jacket first launched ranged from XS to XXL although now it may difficult to locate that range in sizing.

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