Alpine Stars Tech Air Race suit

Marc Marquez – Mugello Crash Information

On Friday, 31st May, at Mugello Circuit in Italy, during the second practice session for the Italian Grand Prix, Marc Marquez crashed heavily, requiring the deployment of his Alpinestars Tech Air (airbag) system.

Electronic data trace, downloaded from Marc’s system showing the key information sequence from the accident.

1_MARQUEZ_Crash Analysis_Mugello_3152013

Key facts:

Speed at time of loss of control: 337.9 Km/H (209.9 Mph).

First impact with ground: 0.080 seconds after crash detection.

First impact with ground: 0.030 seconds after full airbag inflation (airbags inflated in 0.050 seconds).

Maximum (recorded) energy in crash: 25g (the Tech Air system accelerometers maximum energy recording capability).

Duration of significant data during the accident: 4.250 seconds.

Data detail from the initial accident detection to first impact highlighted.

2_MARQUEZ_Crash Detection ZOOM_Mugello3152013
Download Tech Air Race suit information sheet AlpinestarsTechAirRacePR_USA_Jan2012


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