After 37 years, MV AGUSTA returns to the world podium

Varese, Italy  – Thirty-seven years after Giacomo Agostini obtained his last great success at the Nürburgring circuit, MV Agusta returns to the world podium. The MV Agusta F3 675 in the hands of the ParkinGo team came in third during this year’s Supersport debut at the difficult Donington track in England, the fifth stage of the World Supersport championship competition.

This amazing comeback was achieved by Roberto Rolfo who, starting 16th on the grid, advanced continuously to third place, which he then defended with relative ease. At certain points in the race, the powerful Turinborn rider was the fastest on the track showing his tremendous talent, as well as the bike’s great potential. Rider Christian Iddon, the other member of the team, could have done an equally brilliant job had he not been the innocent victim of an episode in which, in the early part of the race, his bike was touched by another rider when he was fighting for a podium position.

Giovanni Castiglioni, President and CEO of MV Agusta, commented on the podium achievement saying: “I am delighted and thrilled with this first podium result for the F3 675! It has been a great challenge to bring this important brand back on the race track. The amazing thing is that this podium was conquered on the same day as the Claudio Castiglioni Memorial organised by the Lombardia Moto Club Cagiva yesterday at our plant in Schiranna. I would like to dedicate this success to my father, the man from whom we inherited our great passion for racing. My gratitude goes to the Rovelli brothers and the members of the ParkinGo team for the amazing effort they are putting in to this project. There is still much work to be done and they have all our support!”

Roberto Rolfo declared: “I am truly pleased with this bike, it’s perfect, and the work done by the team, which was impeccable. I’m really sorry I made mistakes during the qualifying on Saturday. If I had been able to start further towards the front perhaps I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to first place anyway, but I sure would have had an easier time of it during the race, perhaps even made it one step higher on the podium. I promised everyone a comeback yesterday, but even I didn’t expect this fantastic result! No doubt, its thanks in great part to perfect team work. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to get to this level in such a short amount of time.”



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