2012 Honda VT1300CXA Fury

By Marissa Baecker

If your looking for a head-turning motorcycle there is nothing like a custom cruiser to do the job. However, if your wallet isn’t exactly designed for the custom cruiser, then take a look at the 2012 Honda Fury for that custom cruiser look without the accompanying price tag.

Pulling up along side traffic at the stop lights the man driving the truck next to me spent a great deal of time checking out the bike and trying to figure out what manufacturer made it.

It is a bit of guesswork if you don’t know what you are looking at. The 2012 Honda Fury looks like a hard tail custom built chopper. The chromed out 52 degree V-twin engine, paired with all chrome engine parts, pulled back drag bars stretched across the elongated approximately 12.8 litre (3.4 U.S. Gallon) gas tank, forward controls and a single headlight with no visible Honda markings anywhere on the bike, make the Fury worth a stare.

All that shiny, polished artistry is housed in a colour matched lowered metallic ultra blue frame. Add the optional front spoiler and two led lights and when the sun goes down, the bike is still making a statement. LED accents along the frame highlight the bike’s clean lines after dark.

The low ground clearance paired with 45 mm raked out front forks give the bike that chopper look. Add the visual of an over under shotgun exhaust and that custom cruiser sound and riders will experience a personality change at the turn of the throttle while on-lookers will see a seasoned rider but each rider will experience the ride differently as we found out.

The extended forward controls were natural for me. The drag bars are pulled back somewhat making the body reach forward to the handlebars, which is good to take the pressure off the tailbone. I didn’t experience any strain in my arms, but unfortunately for me, the angle of my body while riding did deliver lower back pain. I am pre-disposed to tailbone pain to begin with and this ride didn’t provide any relief. It’s too bad because the bike handles solidly, has plenty of power and corners surprisingly well considering the rake.

Even though I am quite tall and the lines of the bike are stretched, Honda did consider all types of riders when they designed this bike. With a low 26.9 inch seat, the bike is appealing to the smaller riders but the angle of the seat and the forward controls allow the taller rider to stretch out and maintain the same amount of comfort.

For 2012 the bike comes in three colours: the ultra blue metallic you see in the model that we rode with a totally chromed out V-Twin engine; solid black where the chrome is toned down in place of powder coated black accents with just a hint of chrome; the cylinders are powder coated black, the handlebars, even the rims of the tires are black and an additional option with black only is ABS brakes; or solid black with two-tone red accents that follow to the black rims of the tires highlighted with a hint of red.

This is a very masculine bike but the blue or solid black is appealing to women. However, I am not a fan of the two-tone option.

The Fury delivers plenty of power with 1312 cc engine and a five-speed transmission. Gear shifting is smooth and precise.

Fuel economy is 5.23 l/100 km (45 mpg US) so even with a smaller 12 ltr tank, you can go explore for hours but be prepared for some rider fatigue if you don’t have a windshield and we can’t picture one looking very good if added to this model.

Curb weight of the bike is surprisingly 666 pounds (possibly why the bike is named The Fury). Add ABS option and you are looking at about 681 pounds.

Get the custom chopper style Fury without the custom price tag.  MSRP for the Fury was $14,499 on motorcycle.honda.ca.


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