2011 Victory Vision

By Marissa Baecker

“Mom, someone’s airplane is parked in my spot,” were the words used by my son referring to the 2011 Victory Vision. So it appears the aero dynamics of this motorcycle are eye catching even to the non-rider.

The Victory Vision is all luxury with an affordable price tag. This two seat tourer is designed for the long haul with enough comfort for the passenger and plenty of power for the rider. Trust me, I tried both seats.

District Sales Manager for B.C., Cory Davidson, took me for a cruise during Victory Demo Days recently. I sat perched in my independently heated leather seat, between the stereo speakers, with a back rest that only left me looking for a recline switch and lowerable arm rests. My legs were perfectly positioned over the side compartments and my feet firmly resting on retractable passenger floor boards.

As the bike hugged the corners of back country roads, my passenger position remained firm, contained and secure. Perfectly placed passenger hand grips above the side storage compartments ensured a calm journey. I have been a passenger on other bikes that have left my heart racing with the sensation that I was not safe so the peace of mind was a welcomed pleasantry.

As nice as the ride was, I had to take the handle bars and try it for myself. First noticeable feature, the comfortable, high back rest for the rider perfect height of legs to controls. As Davidson explained the features, I only had one question, “Where is my cup holder for my coffee?” to which Davidson answered, “You can get one of those too.”

The view of the controls from the rider’s seat reminded me of the cockpit of an airplane (fitting considering my son’s comments). The 6 gallon fuel tank is angled so the control system of the four speaker, am/fm, and satellite stereo is easily visible and operational with the touch of a button including an iPod connection. A lit digital display shows the stations. If you are going to have music, at least you can pick your own. The option to tune into local radio on a cross country tour is a beneficial feature for checking weather and road conditions.

In the fairing are digital displays offering mileage, fuel, gear selection as well as the time. Left handlebar houses one finger volume control for the stereo and the right handle bar offers cruise control options for those long trips.

The full front fairing offers some of the best wind protection I have experienced on a bike. Electric adjustable wind screen, at maximum height, directs the wind right over your helmet reducing muscle strain from resisting the wind. The fairing is independent of the steering. While the wheel and handlebars move, the fairing does not.

The rear storage compartment directly behind the passenger has the capacity to store two full face helmets. Add the two side compartments and a total of 29 gallons of storage is offered.

Now for the ride. The 106 cubic inch V-Twin engine offers 1731 cc – plenty of power. For me, I didn’t notice the power in the lower gears but from fourth gear through to sixth,  travelling down the highway and accelerating up-hill the Vision performs.

I mentioned to Cory that I thought the bike was very masculine and the handlebar grips and lever position was almost too much for smaller hands. Victory thought of that and the grips and levers can be adjusted to suit any strength and size of palm.

The forward controls of the Vision are perfectly complimented with tapered floor boards wide where the controls are and then narrowing to allow the rider to move their feet back beneath them.

The Vision comes in three available colour schemes Crimson & Black; Two Tone Vogue Silver & Black; Solid Pearl White. It is also available in the Arlen Ness signature style which is definitely eye catching but you will lose some of the luxuries for visual appearance.

As for visual appearance, the general public was staring. As the Galz rode the highway, riders passing in opposite directions were doing double takes as we rode by. The same goes to said when we stopped for coffee. Men and women would randomly stop and look at the bike some not sure what to make of it and others in sheer admiration.

Once special feature that is difficult to explain is a safety feature in the untimely event that the bike goes over. We will be posting a video that best illustrates this feature. Stay tuned.

For complete specs and more info visit www.polarisindustries.com


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