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Covering the world of sports, entertainment and motorcycles for two decades, here in lies some of the stories experienced from endless time in arenas, attending events and travelling by motorcycle.


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Marissa and I have crossed paths in arenas since the early 2000s but it is my time with the Portland Winterhawks where we have built a strong working relationship. Marissa is professional, personable and has proven herself to be a trusted member of team operations on game day and beyond. Marissa works from the bench and blends in with teams and other personnel. She has an uncanny business sense working with teams to utilize their imagery to increase brand exposure. Her media network expands the reach of any team beyond its geographical borders. Our team always looked forward to playing where Marissa was the assigned photographer as we could count on milestones being captured. I have visited many an arena in my day and viewed many photos but Marissa’s work stands out. Her work went beyond game day though. She took the initiative to create custom pieces of our players, milestones for our team, caught special moments and even captured our championship photos on the road. Her work is on display in our home arena and dressing room to motivate our players. I look forward to our continued work together.

Mike Johnston

Throughout my officiating career I always loved seeing pictures of myself working games. I was always in the background, often blurry or obstructed by players until I skated onto the ice where Marissa was working. Marissa treated the ice officials just as importantly as a potential first round draft pick while taking pictures. She would make sure to capture of all four officials on the ice in action.She lets her photography do the talking, and from an officials view, is highly regarded by arena staff, both teams players, coaches and training staff and others working a game. If it was an important night for an official, Marissa was approachable and would ensure that milestones for the officials were captured in photos.

Cody Wanner
WHL official
Marissa, I’ve been in a few rinks in my day and nothing comes close to your work and the way you have respected and appreciated us as officials. I believe I could speak for everyone in saying thank you so much for all you have done, especially giving us the opportunity to see photos not only of ourselves but of our peers. Officials are usually an after-thought, but from you, you made us feel something different. You really are the best!
Steve Papp
WHL referee